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water leak damaged homes - the restoration

Leaky roofing and leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage to a house. If you don't act quickly, these two problems can result in major repairs that can get quite costly and complicated. My blog will show you how to identify these problem areas and how to judge the severity of the damage sustained. Having restored a few homes over the years before selling them, I have a lot of experience working with water damaged homes. I hope that all of the information that I have included here in this blog will help you get through the process with fewer issues.



water leak damaged homes - the restoration


Mold Dangers In Your Home: What You Need To Know

Mold can occur in any home, regardless of how new or old. All it takes is a little bit of moisture and the right conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, mold spores become airborne and end up contaminating your home's air supply--potentially causing respiratory health problems. By being educated on household mold and what to do if you discover it, you can better protect yourself and the loved ones under your roof.