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water leak damaged homes - the restoration

Leaky roofing and leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage to a house. If you don't act quickly, these two problems can result in major repairs that can get quite costly and complicated. My blog will show you how to identify these problem areas and how to judge the severity of the damage sustained. Having restored a few homes over the years before selling them, I have a lot of experience working with water damaged homes. I hope that all of the information that I have included here in this blog will help you get through the process with fewer issues.


water leak damaged homes - the restoration


How To Prevent Basement Flooding When House Is On A Sloping Lot

It is common in certain parts of the world for houses to be built on a slope. This causes storm water to flow hillside down toward your house. You are going to have all kinds of flooding problems. Your basement is going to be significantly affected by your house being on a slope. Read on to find out what to do about basement flooding. Build A Retaining Wall If your house was built on a slope, then you need to build a retaining wall.

Gutter Problems That Will Lead To Structural Damage And Costly Repairs

Structural problems are often caused by leaks or water getting into your home. In some areas of the exterior of your home, the problems are hard to spot. The gutters are one of the places where leaks can start and structural damage can develop. Here are some tips to help you find and repair gutters before they cause leaks and structural damage to your home: 1. Sectional Gutters Leaking at The Joints and Causing Damage