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water leak damaged homes - the restoration

Leaky roofing and leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage to a house. If you don't act quickly, these two problems can result in major repairs that can get quite costly and complicated. My blog will show you how to identify these problem areas and how to judge the severity of the damage sustained. Having restored a few homes over the years before selling them, I have a lot of experience working with water damaged homes. I hope that all of the information that I have included here in this blog will help you get through the process with fewer issues.



water leak damaged homes - the restoration

    Three Reasons Your Clothes Are Not Dry

    Having a washing and drying machine makes doing laundry highly convenient. However, it can become quite frustrating when one or the other is not functioning properly, especially the dryer. Once the clothes are wet, you want to be sure that they are dried right away. If the clothes aren't dried right away, moisture can build on the fabric, leaving the clothes smelling bad, which leaves you having to wash the clothes all over again.

    How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

    As a homeowner, you want to do everything in your power to prevent your home from being on the receiving end of water damage. Since there are many ways water damage can occur, this means you have to be vigilant with regards to protecting your home. This article will provide you with tips on preventing water damage by educating you on potential dangers. Prevent freezing pipes If you live in an area where the temperature can fall below freezing, then you need to prepare your pipes so they can handle the coldness without freezing, which can cause them to burst.

    Knowing What Can Be Salvaged And What Cannot After A Flood

    When flooding occurs, the items submerged in water will need to be evaluated to determine what to keep and what to toss. Anything touched by flood water needs disinfecting to remove bacteria. This step can be skipped on items that are too far beyond saving, as they will just be thrown away. Here is a summary of items that may be able to be saved and some to throw away immediately, along with the correct disinfecting process. Items To Save When you first walk into a flooded room, you will want to immediately remove items that have a chance at being revived.

    Everything You Need To Know About Drywall Water Damage

    Drywall water damage is always a big deal whether the damage is small or large. Mold and mildew grow easily in drywall especially when it is moist. You must work quickly to fix the situation. Here is everything you need to know about drywall water damage so you can keep your house safe. Find the Source of the Issue First, you have to make sure that the issue that caused the initial damage is completely fixed.

    Addressing Water Damage In Your Home: What To Do Before Help Arrives

    Water damage can have a devastating impact on your home and personal belongings. Approximately 14,000 people throughout the U.S. suffer from a water damage experience either at home or in the work place each day. Although water damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmares, there are things you can do to address the damage before help arrives. Dry it Out If flooding in your home has caused the loss of electricity, you will have to break out the mop, bucket, and towels to dry your home the old fashioned way.

    How To Make Old, Worn Drapes Usable Again

    If you've discovered some old, worn drapes in a box of a relative's items or even in your own attic, you do not have to throw those drapes away. If you like the general pattern, there are ways to make them usable once again. Here are four steps to follow: Take the drapes to a dry cleaner. Many older drapes were made to be dry-clean only. Unless you can find a tag on the drapes that states they can be machine washed, it is best to assume they are dry-clean only.

    Add Decorative Film To A Frameless Shower Door To Conceal Small Scratches

    If there are small scratches on your frameless shower door's surface, conceal them with decorative film. The film will provide you with privacy each time that you take a shower and it can easily be maintained. The following steps will teach you how to install the film and keep it clean. Materials glass cleaner lint-free cleaning cloth decorative film measuring tape scissors mild detergent bucket of water mixing stick sponge squeegee fan Clean The Glass And Prepare The Film

    The Importance Of Mold Removal

    Signs of a potential mold problem include a musty smell or the appearance of what looks like a darker than normal shadow or stain. Mold requires a high humidity level to grow, so reducing the humidity in a room can limit the risk for mold growth. While it may not seem to be that big of a deal, having mold growing in a home can cause some serious problems. It's important to get rid of it as soon as possible, as removal is much easier when the problem is discovered in the early stages.